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Board games Italian fairs: TOP 3

The podium of board game fairs

The Italian board game fairs are varied and numerous, but the three main for size, importance and turnout are the Lucca Comics & Games, the Modena Play and the Comicon of Naples.

The Lucca Comics & Games is an Italian international exhibition that takes place every year between the end of October and early November and is completely dedicated to games and comics. The games area is increasingly expanding and each year hosts world-class brands, world best-sellers and emerging self-producer stands.

We at Tambù were also present at the 2018 edition with a large stand in the Carducci Pavilion! We took advantage of this great fair as the first national launching pad for our innovative reality and as the first sales window (after the international launch at Essen-Spiel), of our unique and exclusive board games that can be purchased from e-commerce. In addition to this we had the great pleasure of hosting Valentino Sergi, the author of the "The Necronomicon" book and the illustrators Alberto Dal Lago and Jacopo Schiavo. Andrea Lorenzon from Cartoni Morti was also present as Andrea himself and Daniele Cerizza, author of the well-known "Cheeky Monkeys" party game, relied on us for the realization of an irreverent and very amusing card game on our gaming tables .

For more details and details on the Lucca Comics & Games, you can read our article on HERE.

The Modena Play, as the name suggests, is a great entertainment event held in the Modena fairgrounds. This fair is organized annually by fans of games and play associations that work closely together for its realization.

The Play is the evolution of the old ModCon that is a meeting of table players, role-playing games, wargames and videogames that took place at the TreEmme club and lasted 3 days. Starting in 2008, ModCon changed its name to the Play-Festival of the Game and moved to the Modena exhibition hall. From that moment every year the space available for the convention is always wider and the number of visitors grows exponentially.

Specifically, at Play, there are stands of self-producers, well-known publishers and small publishers, associations and national distributors of the sector.

The Play is not just a board games stand, but it is also a time for sectior debates and conferences, workshops, gaming labs and events such as the national finals of logical games and the regional mathematical Olympics in which many schools participate.

This year the fair will take place from 6 to 8 April and we will be present with our loyal board games and with the news that we will present in antreprima, including "Cartoni Morti De Card Gheims"!


The Comicon is a fair dedicated to the world of comics, board games and video games held annually in spring in Naples.

Initially born as a celebratory event of comics (hence the name Comicon) and carried on by a few enthusiasts, it soon spread to many talents of the sector and fans that have progressively made it an obligatory annual appointment and increasingly extended. Comicon has also expanded to other sectors including that of games (Gamecon), animated by the desire to create a "Lucca Comics & Games Neapolitan" and must admit that it was an idea of ​​great success and widely materialized so much to "compel" the organizers move headquarters: from Catel Sant'Elmo to the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples, where it has been held for 5 years.

Comicon is constantly growing, visitors are increasingly numerous and the issues to be found are always wider spectrum proposing even on what is the Asian culture and pop culture more generally.