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Make your game

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It doesn't matter if you have already developed a game or if your product is still in the "Idea Phase", Tambù thanks to its easy-to-use digital platform is able to print both a single prototype copy and large print runs.

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Prototype Printing Service

For Authors who want to self-publish their game, Tambù offers the possibility to print even a single prototype copy at a low cost without compromising on the quality of the materials


You can decide to send your prototype copies to our Network of game libraries, game clubs, and game pubs to have them blind tested (the tests are carried out in the absence of the author) by the community

Once a representative number of unbiased feedbacks will be obtained, the results will be communicated back to you so that you can continue to develop your game in the best possible way. 


Testing your prototype before self-publishing it is not the only advantage since, sending copies of your game to Tambù’s partners, also allows you to make the game known and start creating your community of supporters

Each copy sent, in fact, will be automatically Geolocated on our portal's Try Me map so that all users will be always able to know where to find it. 


Finally, Tambù allows you to send your prototype copies to expert game testers to obtain a professional evaluation of your game.




Print copies of your prototype

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