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Tambù is proud to cooperate with a lot of graphic designers and illustrators of proven success, besides having a multi-year partnership with the International School of Comics of Padua.

If you don't have the graphics for your Board Game or if you need an illustrator for your comic, then we can help you find the professional who best suits your needs. 

All of our collaborators are not only expert professionals but also games' sector passionate and will be able to offer you their know-how to create the fittest graphics for your project.


Thanks to our partners you can see realized your dreamed graphics and illustrations, whatever products you need. 
Whether they are comics, covers, boxes, cards, planks, logos, rollups, banners, handouts, or advertising flyers, you will always have unique and exclusive final products.


By downloading the "Graphic Style's List", you will be able to compare different styles and choose the one you prefer for your project.


Having selected your favorite style, send an email to or fill in the form at the bottom of this page indicating: the number and type of graphic works to be carried out (e.g. logo, graphics and illustration of the box, number of different illustrations, game's regulation layout, etc.), the graphic style you chose, and your budget.
Based on the information you will provide and your requests, we will communicate a quote to you. 


Our graphic designers and illustrators will complete all the graphics of your game in 2-6 months (the time may vary according to the number of graphic works to be realized).



Download the "Graphic Style's List" here. Choose the one that best suits your needs and contact us for a quote!



Graphic style's list

Graphic styles list

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