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Graphics Service

Tambù boasts collaboration with graphic designers and illustrators of proven success, including the International School of Comics.

If you don't have the graphics for your Board Game or if you need an illustrator for your comic, Tambù helps you to find the professional best suited to your needs.

All of our collaborators, besides being expert professionals, are also passionate about the sector and will know how to create the best graphics for your project. Through our partners you will be able to obtain the ideal graphics and illustrations for your cartoons, covers, boxes, cards, planks, logos, rollups, banners, handouts and advertising flyers that will allow you to have unique and exclusive products.


Send an email to or fill in the form below with all the specifications of your game, or the components and the style you will choose by downloading the list "Style and Design" below and the budget you have available. Following this we will be able to provide you with a quote in a shortly.
From the moment you accept the quote, we will request a deposit confirming the services chosen.

The graphic designers and illustrators will prepare sketches, to confirm them it will be possible to apply only small variations to the elements of illustration and design.
Our graphic designers illustrators will create all the elements of the game in 2-6 months, variable according to the quantity of the components to be made.

When you think your game is ready, you can publish it for free on our portal!


Download the graphic style's list here. Choose one and contact us for a quote!



Graphic style's list

Graphic styles list

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