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Kickstarter consulting

Trust in our experts in Social Listening, Costumer Engagement and Brand Identity for a successful Crowdfunding campaign!


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for the realisation of creative projects of various kinds and in particular a large section is dedicated to Board Games, Videogames and Comics. An aspiring creator, following registration, uploads their project on KS whose implementation depends on the recruiting of the money necessary for this purpose. Often this goal is not achieved and the campaign turns out to be a flop or, after the achievement of the objective, the desired sales results are not produced, resulting in some cases without any profit made. This happens because a priorfundamental step has not occurred: involving the community.


This process is often difficult in such a competitive market and it is for this reason that Tambù uses consultancy services to promote the project and sponsor it  in order to be able to carry out a real, successful Crowfunding campaign.

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