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Through our exclusive certification service, your product can receive the brand of proven quality, adding a significant and fundamental added value to the community.
Tambù collaborates with partners with a strong experience in the trade, that will test your products and therefore guarantee their completeness and quality:


Progetto Gaming: takes life from the desire to spread the culture of the play world, in all its forms. Trying to involve adults and children in projects for both recreational and educational purposes, there is a mission of vital importance: constructive fun.


Nerd is the first web site in Italy dedicated to Nerd issues from the female point of view in which they are treated in a professional manner issues related to the world of boardgames, videogames, cinema and TV series, but also of more girl themes friendly as lifestyle, fashion and make-up, all obviously in a Nerd key.


Gomma:  an agency specialized in high quality creative and cultural projects and can boast the collaboration of highly respected professionals employed in the most important international cultural industries. The editor is Valentino Sergi, journalist and professional in the publishing sector, creative consultant for reality such as the International School of Comics and author of the well-known Card Game "Suicidium".


DiceGames Italia: a well-known Youtube channel founded in 2013 with a clear core channel: the livestream of various table games. The channel gathers over 35 complete campaigns and countless 3 hour livestreams each. During the years, members of the DGI, have given life to different characters, memes and stories.