Make your game
Make your game

Are you a publishing company?

Tambù is not a publishing company, but a company that provides all the tools and services so that authors can direct themselves and choose the best route for their needs.
Precisely for this reason all the rights of games, illustrations and graphics made with and without Tambù and sold on our portal, will always remain only the Authors. We are also collaborating with Italian and international publishers for those who request it.

Can I print a prototype with you?

Sure. Tambù gives you the opportunity to print the single prototype copy at low cost without ever giving up the excellent quality of the materials. You can also publish your game for free on our portal and take advantage of additional exclusive services present on the special itinerary offered by the Tambù Author Program.

Can I use my graphics?

Of course! Your project can be realized using the graphics that you have created and / or already in your possession, provided that these are not covered by copyright or that you have the right to use them. In case of absence of the latter, Tambù will allow you to find the professional figure most suited to your needs. All the graphic designers and illustrators who work with us, besides being expert professionals, are also passionate about the sector and will be able to create the best graphics for your project.

How much is Tambù Author Program Service?

Nothing! The Tambù Author Program service, is a free service for authors who wish to be accompanied in the development and publicization phase of their project still in the idea phase.

Contact us to find out what other benefits are available with this special innovative service!

Does the Tambù Author Program service generate constraints?

Absolutely not. The TAP is a non-binding service that was born with the intent to support the author in the initial work of development and promotion of the game and create a springboard for the project. Certainly if you will be well and decide to continue with us the implementation of the game and its distribution, we will be happy to have you in the team and we will continue to support you during the self-publishing process or indicate the best services related to self-production.

Can an idea product be purchased?

A game in the idea phase, is a product still under testing and therefore not ready for sale and can not be purchased. However, to be constantly updated on the stage of development of the project and to be notified when this will be available, you can subscribe to our Newsletter! By doing so, you will also be informed about all the events and trade fairs in which we will participate and where you can find your favorite games :)

To make a game, do I have to have a VAT number?


Not necessarily. If you choose to self-publish, you do not need a VAT number as it is expected to recognize Royalties that you will declare as copyright. By choosing self-production instead, after having printed the number of copies desired, in order to proceed with the sale of the same on our e-commerce and / or stipulate a distribution agreement, the VAT number is required.

Can I go to a publisher?

Sure. Tambù is born in the first place to help you find the right path according to your needs, so if you think this is the publishing way, we will be happy to support and direct you to that effect.