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Tambù Author Program

Tambù Author Program or TAP is a board games free development program thought to help Authors in the realization, development, sponsorship, and in the launch of their game. 


Which are the services included? 


  • Dedicated Product Showcase: Through the Builder, create the product page of your game still in "Idea Phase" on our portal and start developing your project while creating your community. Supporters and followers, with a simple click, would be able to follow the evolution of your game step by step.
  • Printing Start Discount: Get a discount for the realization of your prototype copies: printing start costs of € 19.90 won't be charged on you.
  • Tambù Coins: Start to collect Tambù Coins through the sale of your products and spend them by choosing Tambù services, to develop and spread your game by expanding your community. 
  • Geolocalization: Request the printout of the prototype copies to be sent to our network of game libraries, game clubs, and game pubs (Tambù Points). Each copy will be geolocated on the interactive map on our portal and would be easily found by all users.
  • Testing: Send copies of your game to our groups of expert game testers and our network of game libraries to receive periodic feedback, useful for the development of your prototype. 

Price: FREE


If at any time for any reason you no longer wish to join the Tambù Author Program you will not be bound by any restrictions or limitations and we will take care of immediately removing your game from our portal.



To join the Tambù Author Program Go to the Builder, choose the components of

your game and add the TAP in the “Idea Phase” section

It’s free! 


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