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Tambù – Unleash your creativity

Tambù wants to simplify and create new tools that allow authors to express their creativity, by creating high quality entertainment products.

The value that distinguish our company and that belong to each member of the team are the promotion and expansion of the creativity of the authors who are placed at the center of our project; the professionalism we want to always maintain at a high level to guarantee services capable of transmitting trust and security; to stimulate innovation by conveying the importance of distinguishing oneself and bringing its added value to the sector; to support sharing in order to promote ever more a community that is heterogeneous, but is united in pursuing the common objectives and supporting each other's ambitions; we support and allow the expression of the passions of others and finally we believe and guarantee a transparent work and communication.

We are a group of guys who love board games and comics and we decided to transform our passions in a job! From this desire was born Tambù, a totally innovative Start-Up in the BoardGames & Comics sector.
Being first players and authors than a Start-Up team, we are aware of the problems to overcome in this sector and we believe that it is essential to concentrate our energy and resources to put the author at the center and support him in the realization of the his projects. In this sense, Tambù is preparing to make an upgrade in order to simplify and reduce the entry barriers in this world, achieving a real democratization of the Game World.
We are convinced that Italy and more generally Europe are not keeping up with the American market. In fact, in our continent there is not a single and shared game market and fragmentation is also undermined by different barriers such as different languages, multiple and complex bureaucratic procedures and burdensome costs. All this makes it difficult to establish the conditions necessary for the realization of a massive production that would allow us to adapt or even exceed the American business of boardgames.
What we offer with Tambù, through different services such as translation of texts, logistics and European delivery, is a real opportunity to trigger the change necessary to move from a small, segmented market with low margins, to a process of internationalization involving the whole of the European area.

We commit ourselves daily in this sense, but we never forget what drives us and animates us: having fun and entertaining!