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What is a gamebook?

The Necronomicon: an example of success

As the name suggests, the gamebook is a book that lets you play; it is a unique and specific mission to be completed by browsing through the pages, with an always different ending.

The popular diffusion of the gamebooks began in the seventies, after several developments in the English-speaking countries. In the United Kingdom, the book series Tracker was published between 1972 and 1980, probably the first narrative gamebooks published as a series. In the eighties the stories began to spread in the other countries and in Italy the gamebooks reached a wide notoriety with the series "Librogame" of the EL edizioni of Trieste, under the direction of Giulio Lughi.

What do I need to play? Nothing more than your gamebook, pencil, eraser and a couple of dice. The first step is to choose your character to whom you can assign specific characteristics with specific points. To proceed from one paragraph to another it is necessary to roll the dice in order to obtain a random number to be added to the prefixed one of the chosen characteristics. Whenever your story takes a crossroads and you will have to choose which action to take, the reading will be redirected to a different page. So a gamebook is a book that you can read potentially flipping pages forward and back. Every move, every page you browse is decided by the reader so the trend and the epilogue of the game can change every time you play again.

A gamebook is a real "labyrinth of pages" with several outputs, with sometimes simple and sometimes tortuous and obscure, but always exciting, paths.

An example of success is the gamebook "The Necronomicon" signed by Valentino Sergi, journalist and professional in the publishing sector as well as the author of the well-known "Suicidium" card game. The Necronomicon contrasts into a faithful adaptation of the Lovecraft texts and contains illustrations by Alberto Dal Lago and Jacopo Schiavo. It was premiered at our booth at Lucca Comics & Games and met with incredible success! In the gamebook "The Necronomicon", armed with a 6-sided die, pencil and adventure card, you can experience the horrors narrated by the ingenious pen of Lovecraft, challenge yourself against monstrous creatures and explore scary lands. The target? Save humanity from the fearsome fulfillment of Yull's rite ("... if you do not go crazy before!").

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