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Cartoni Morti De Card Gheim

Designer(s): Andrea Lorenzon, Daniele Cerizza

Release: 01/01/19

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  • 2/5 Players
  • 15/30 min
  • Age: 14+
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Super-Fun and Super-Easy card game to play with family and friends!


Players have to make a story by playing characters one next to the other.


Every  characters says something different and the combination can make odd and NSFW stories.

When seven character cards are played on a raw  the story is completed and the player that achieved his hidden goal is the Winner!

What about the others?

Well...Losers have to make amends.... with repentance cards!!!


Who are the characters?


 Stegosandro, the Mayor of Lignano and other great characters made by the Famuos Youtuber and Artist Andrea Lorenzon. also known as "Cartoni Morti".






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