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Designer(s): Michele Cucchi, Michele Contardi

Release: 21/08/20

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  • 2/4 Players
  • 60/90 min
  • Age: 14+
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Oh no Honey! This is definitely not the usual game board, this is a full immersion into the Gay Life.


Hungry for success? Do you wanna show the people around you how wonderful your life is, with your handsome boyfriend, who's loving you 24h a day? Well: YOU BETTER WORK BITCH!



The world out there is evil, and full of shit: you need to defend yourself from people who think you’re different, fighting for your love like there's no tomorrow , but most of all: don't forget  to act Bitchy against your friends, because they are ready to back stubbing you as soon asap.



Lot of challenges along the way , but it’s time  for you to get your  own revenge. 



Game On Bitches!