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Monkeys On Your Back: Standard Edition (kid friendly)

Designer(s): Giovanni Maria Ciclosi

Release: 22/01/20

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Monkeys On Your Back is a card game for the whole family. Defeat the Addicted Monkeys who will try to make you fall into temptation, taking you down on a wrong path and ruining your healthy lifestyle. Get the monkey off your back, survive the temptation and let your opponent fall victim to it. 


This game is super fun. It requires 5 min to learn and a gameplay is about 5 to 25 min. There is a kid friendly Standard Edition and a NSFW Edition for the grown ups. With 1 deck you can play from 2 to 5 players, combine 2 decks (of whatever edition) to play up to 9!



A super portable party game that you can bring everywhere to play with your family, friends and colleagues.


  • Price: 11,92 €