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How to write the instructions of a game

Often we take the instructions for granted because when we play there is at least one player who has had that experience, but there can be doubts or perplexities and therefore we have to resort to the game rules.

Instructions can have different sizes, choosing the format depends on the size of the box that contains the game.
What types of manuals are there? Many, but we at Tambù use above all the instructions that fold up accordion or a tapped.
Once you have chosen the format you can start thinking about writing the guide for the game.
Each section must be given a title and as regards the text the sentences must be short and clear. Avoid complicated and involuted forms.
Now step by step, following the points, you will also be able to write the guidelines of your game.
    1. Number of participants and age: your guide will first have to give indications regarding the number of participants and the age of play .
    2. The plot: before explaining the rules of the game you must first explain where it is set and what the goal is. So creating a short plot, the players will be more involved and will surely want to keep on having fun.
    3. Components: it will be absolutely necessary to explain what the game elements are (game board in case there is, the amount of cards and tokens).
    4. Set-up: how to set up the table to start playing, an example with which to start the explanation can be: "1. Set the board in the middle of the playing area", or, "2. Each player must receive Nx of cards ".
    5. Development of the game: each game will have a development to better understand it is better to include examples of how a game takes place. Concerning this we remember that the cards may have symbols that can be simple, but nevertheless we must explain the meaning of the same.
Card games or boardgames can have complex dynamics to explain, especially if there are cards with special functions. In order to simplify the game for the players, what do we recommend? Definitely to include an example of the turn, so as to be able to explain concretely how to play.
The guide booklet must be embellished with the graphics of the game, fonts and colors in order to make it more pleasant and readable. An image says more than a thousand words: the use of illustrations can save many parts of text.