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Trading Card Game

The article we are presenting today will deal with the TCG theme. It is not Latin or ancient Greek, but the English acronym of "collectable card game" which translated into Italian means "collectable card game".

The cornerstone of this sector is nothing other than "Magic the Gathering" created in 1993 by Richard Garfield. The good Richard has taken the initial initiative of a group of niche players, totally unaware of the success that has since redeemed it, making it the undisputed "first place" of the global TGC ranking. The Magic players present on the globe are estimated around 10,000,000 and every year the "core set" is released, that is the basic game with 3 expansions. Despite its importance in the market of collectible card games, other games have been made a success and were taken once by chance, such as Yu-Gi-Oh !, Pokémon, Cardfight !! Vanguard, World of Warcraft and Legend of the Five Rings.

Some playing cards of these, as well as many others, are defined as "rare" and there are even unobtainable ones. Many people, to complete their collection, are willing to invest a lot of money giving rise to a real market based on the buying and selling of playing cards. It has been estimated that the "most rare" collectible playing cards have also been auctioned for more than $ 20,000. Yes you are reading very well, t-w-e-nt-y-t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d. If I were you I would make a quick check at home to see if between historical memorabilia and boxes of photo-souvenir, check also some treasure (if so I want to clarify that the idea was mine ;P).

But let's go back a lot 'of years, what has given input to the authors to create TCG? Well it seems proven that collectable card games put their roots in the American figurines that, unlike our adhesive stickers, have a printed on rigid cardboard and are equipped with images and texts on both sides and accompanied by game rules that represent .

Let's see what makes a TCG different from a common card game like "Scala Quaranta" or "Briscola".

Trading card games are games that involve players each with their own deck of cards, a deck of personal cards, their only, a "private property" in all respects and the games tend to be 1 against 1 although there are several Card Games that allow you to involve more players. The cards can be purchased in expansion bags or in preconstructed decks in comic shop, in Game Shops or on newsstands, just as you buy the stickers. A detachment from card games properly so-called is the basic regulation of the game itself that brings it closer to being similar to a board game. Not for nothing the term "CardGame" is often associated with terms such as "BoardGame" and "tabletop"! In fact, a game is divided into turns and each turn is distinguished by different phases in which each player performs one or more actions. The actions are scanned and modified by the cards of various types which determine and influence the outcome of the game. What is this outcome? Obviously the victory of a player (which is then the purpose of the game itself) and the defeat of another. The latter is basically due to the loss of lives or the depletion of cards in the deck.

In general, the "game iter" is to fish, play the cards from the hand and activate the effects / activities / penalties, "fight", discard and the whole is then thickened by different elements that characterize each game.

The beauty of collectible cards, as well as real substantial difference from the common decks of cards, is that if a poker deck has tot cards and so will remain forever, your deck of TCG is constantly expanding and will represent you in all respects, following you everywhere! The advent and the sudden and widespread rooting of computers, the internet and the consoles did not obscure the appeal of collectible cards. In addition to the fact that there are several international TCG tournaments and that many players are constantly training and looking for valuable items to flesh out their deck, the beauty of collectible card games is to meet real, real people, in flesh and bones and yes, after challenging each other without worthy by adversaries, become friends!