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Tambù Authors Program: what it is and why enter in it

We explain you how the TAP works

In today's article we will show you the Tambù Author Program, what it is and why joining this community powered by Tambù.


What is the Tambù Author Program (TAP)?

The Tambù Author Program is the first acceleration program for boardgames. It is a free service that we have tailored to help any person in the realization, development, sponsorship of their own Board Game.


Who is our TAP for?

TAP is dedicated to all those people who have a dream: creating their own game. From 2018 to today we have more than fifty authors who are designing and improving their game, a number that continues to grow exponentially.


Why join the TAP?

Tambù can offer you many services to support you in creating, promoting and selling your game!

Dedicated showcase: We will open a product page dedicated to your game on our portal at the idea stage, where you can start creating your community. In this way your supporters and followers with a simple click, will follow the evolution of your game step by step.

Social Media: We will also make a post dedicated to your game on our Facebook page.

Discount prototype copies: Get a discount immediately for making prototype copies. You will not be charged the initial fee of € 19.90.

Geolocation: Request the printing of the prototype. Send them to Tambù Points where your game will be geolocated on our interactive map.

Testing: Send your copies to our tester groups and playrooms to receive periodic feedback, useful for the development of your prototype.

Tambù can also offer many other services, to discover them visit our site.


How to register?

To become part of the Tambù Authors Program community, it takes very little ... Contact us at our email, show us your project and your telephone number to be contacted as soon as possible by one of our experts. Otherwise you can call us at the company number 02 22179977.


If you are not yet part of our community, please do so as soon as possible.