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The Lucca Comics & Games is an annual autumn event that attracts thousands of fans, artists, authors and designers from all over the world. Five days of meetings, workshops, competitions and an unparalleled gaming market invade the walled city of Lucca, in Tuscany. 

It was officially born in 1993 when it still bore the name "Lucca Comics" and was organized by the same municipality of Lucca. As the original name suggests, the event bases its roots in the world of comics and in particular in the initiative that took place in 1966 in which Lucca decides to host the second edition of the International Comics Show.

Two years later the gaming area was born, bringing the event to be renamed "Lucca Comics & Games" and therefore, as we all know, the meeting is not only dedicated to comics, but also to board games.

The Lucca Comics & Games, covers about 30,000 m², and has thousands of exhibition stands including board games, card games, comics, videogames and RPG divided between the area dedicated to comics (Lucca Comics) and the area dedicated to gaming      (Lucca Games). To these we also add Lucca Juniors for young people and schools, as well as aspiring cartoonists and designers, Lucca Music & Cosplay in which they perform cover bands, famous groups and cosplay competitions, Lucca Movie where they are broadcast in preview films that will be distributed in Italian in the following months and the Japan Tower where it is possible to experience Japan in many forms: from gadgets, to souls, to manga, to food, artifacts and martial arts.

So we can say that at the well-known event there is something for everyone! An enthusiast can buy unreleased games and comics, glaze his eyes at countless stands, experience a Japanese atmosphere while staying in Tuscany and having fun at shows and concerts.

Over the years, the Lucca C&G has become the most important Italian event in the sector, first in Europe and second in the world after the Tokyo Comiket.

Five days of pure fun, a sea of ​​crowds and certainly among the best memories.

Tambù will have a stand of 30 square meters during the entire period of the event and will host the authors of the games that can be purchased. The authors will be available, in a special area of ​​the stand, to allow participants to play their board games. In the gaming area, on the other hand, you will be able to test a preview of some amazing developments in development and there will also be a great surprise ;)

To find out more ... you have to come!