Make your game
Make your game

Tabletop for Christmas

Why give them to Christmas?


Making a board game as a present is always a good choice. A board game allows you to stimulate your imagination, creativity and helps to socialize. It will seem trivial, but playing unequal respect for each other, for the time available to you and for the one to be granted and patiently wait for the adversaries as well as collaboration and healthy competition.

Through the game, it is possible to deal with people of different ages, different and sometimes divergent thoughts and opinions, new knowledge and experiences to learn. You learn social life, because you are no longer alone, but in a group, in a society! For this reason some Italian schools have started to adopt the tabletop within the didactic and part of them, they have also started to design and implement their games according to different needs.

Therefore, finding a game under the xmas tree for a friend or relative is therefore a more than apt idea. I recommend, giving a game involves an important choice: take into account the characteristics and tastes of the recipient as well as the goal that led you to give just a game. So pay attention to the age, the average duration of a game, the genre and the mechanics of the game.