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Interview to Salvatore Catalfamo

Here we are at the usual appointment "interview" and today, with great pleasure, we will have a nice chat with Salvatore Catalfamo, who alternates his professional life from architect to passionate author! His debut game is "Exagon", simple, strategic, but above all able to unite young and old!


Good morning Salvatore, welcome to the great Tambù family! We break the ice with the first question: how did your passion for board games come about?

Considering my young age, since I'm almost at the first turning point, I can say with absolute certainty that my love for board games was born with the classic abstract games like "Dama", "Tris" and the timeless ones like "Monopoly" rather than "Scrabble".


Question that for many authors and fans is considered difficult: which are your three favorite board games?

My three favorite games are just as dated, the first is based on my love for combinations and is "Master Minds", the second is linked to many memories of youth or "Risiko", the third, but not in terms of importance is "Chess" where the strategy is king.


Dated, but always up-to-date or better, to use your affirmation made just a little "timeless". What prompted Salvatore, to create Exagon?

Exagon was born as a game and it is not a joke I never imagined to find myself thinking about making a board game, but one morning, during a shared breakfast between fellow architects, someone said - almost to joke -: "Why we do not create a game?". This question did not have many answers, but in me aroused much interest and when I got back in the car to head for home, my love for numbers and combinations turned into "Exagon". I immediately thought of a game that was supposed to be very simple, but which in its simplicity could hide many strategies. Few rules, suitable for everyone and able to make children feel more "adults", more "busy and involved", but returning the great "little ones" while having fun.



You feel all the heart and the passion you put into your game! But how would you define Exagon in a few words, underlining its strengths?

Exagon is a very simple and intuitive  game characterized by a stringent and immediate rules. This makes it suitable for any age target and is absolutely a strong point because it allows you to play "heterogeneous" matches by joining different worlds.


A game suitable for everyone is always very appreciable, there is nothing better than the fun guaranteed by a game where the creativity of children and their lightness, join the "more serious" of adults! What is a curiosity or information coming from the backstage of Exagon that you want to share with your readers?

The representation of Exagon, according to the primary directives of the game, makes use of the graphic support of the young product designer Stefania Castro who follows the project from the beginning and that will follow it in its future developments!


Congratulations to Stefania! Good job! What are your expectations and your future projects as an author?

The developments of Exagon are many thanks to the different environments that can take hold in it. After the original version, many others will follow each other. The second "Noah's Ark", now become a "coming soon", will have a lot of fun because ... I will not tell you! Some have already had the chance to try it, but leave it to those who have not had the pleasure yet, a bit of suspense!


Thank you so much to Salvatore for the time dedicated to us and to you nerd friends, to the next with a new rookie author!