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Interview to Manuel Bruno

Today we will do an interview with Manuel Bruno, a young and promising author of "Exitium", a simple and fun card game with a "flavor" Fantasty! Here's what we asked Manuel, but above all what he answered!

Hello Manuel, welcome to the Tambù team and thank you for accepting this interview! Let's start with a formal question: how did your passion for the world of board games and comics come about?

I've always been fond of the Fantasy genre and, from what I remember, I've always drawn. I love playing evenings with friends and I really hope that soon my game can be part of it!

That's what we want too! What are your favorite 3 games and comics?

My favorite games are "Bang!", "Zombiecide" and "Citadels", but in general I can say that I love any board game! As for the world of comics, I go crazy for the style of Frezzato, Nicola Saviori, Dany Orizio and Lucio Parrillotutti ... fantastics designers and cartoonists!


What motivated you to realize "Exitium"?

Sure my passion for the game in general, and then ilbvoler give life to my drawings and share them with all those who love this genre.



Absolutely beautiful motivations! Returning to your board game, how would you define the degree of complexity and strengths that characterize it?

The game is very simple and intuitive, fast and fun. The strong points in my opinion, are 2: the players are not subject to exit from the game if defeated and also can also play in the team. And then what to say ... there is also the equipment market and they are blown away in abundance!

Ahahahahaha fantastic, we are ready to "give them" of holy reason! Tell us a funny or curious anecdote in which you came across during the realization of your project.

Each time I'm impressed by how people who see and try Exitium, remain based on the fact that it is a game made completely from scratch!

Oh yes, you always remain incredulous before the realization of a good idea! What are your expectations and your future projects as an author?

My expectation is to promote and spread my board game as well as let me know as an illustrator. Time permitting then, I would like to throw myself into the realization of an expansion and other board games! And we wish you and of course we will support you!

Thanks to Manuel and thanks to all of you who read us ... at the next interview!