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What is and how it works

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for the creation of creative projects of various kinds and in particular a large section is dedicated to Board Games and Videogames.

"Crowdfunding" means "collective funding" and is promoted by a group of people who use their money in common, to support the efforts of people and organizations. Therefore, KS is a website that facilitates the meeting between the demand for funding and the supply of money by users.

An aspiring creator, following registration, inserts on KS his project whose realization depends on the recruitment of the money necessary for this purpose. The latter is defined as "goal" or the economic objective that is basically expressed in dollars. To achieve this, the author must explain exactly how much is needed to produce his invention and the maximum time period he considers necessary for the money recruitment campaign.

Micro-financing is performed by "backers" or users who view the project and want it to be realized. All money collected is paid to the creator only and exclusively by Kickstarter, so if the author will use the sum received to carry out the project as promised, the financing will be successful, otherwise the money will remain in the wallets of the various supporters.

The financial contribution is called "pledge" and starts from a minimum amount of 1 $; the amount of the pledge can be changed at any time within the expiry date of the kickstarter campaign. Based on the value of the pledge and only if the goal is achieved, the backers can enjoy certain pre-established rewards such as a discount on the price of the project object.

And if a project receives more money than the target? It can happen! In this case, for the majority of the time, there are extra rewards available to the backers if you get additional rewards (stretch goal). These can be of various types such as extra content, gifts, expansions, etc. but pay attention to this: stretch goals, although widely distributed, are not an obligation for KS!

Projects that achieve the economic objective are called "funded" and therefore will (theoretically) be implemented. Obviously the process of realization, can take some time and for this reason, the backers will have to patiently wait for their prizes.

Kickstarter allows you to discover real innovations, as well as really creative projects, but like everything else this also has a downside and therefore its negative aspects such as poor protection, possible scams, quality not always guaranteed ... Data such aspects it is good to select the projects with care and caution by verifying, for example, the experience of the creator and his history of created creations.

Having said that, approach KS with the idea of ​​wanting to have fun, following with passion the evolution of your favorite campaign because often it is precisely in following the development of the recruiting process that the real fun resides ... yes more than in the object of project itself!