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Interview to Federico Baglivo

Attention, attention nerd friends, playmates and fans of board games and comics, today we interview Federico Baglivo, author of Let There Be Light, a board game that will "light up" your free time!


Good morning Federico, thanks for lending you to this interview! First question for you: when did the birth of your passion for the world of board games and comics come up?

My passion for board games has grown along with me. From a small memory I often played with my mother to the great classics, like Monopoly or Brivido. The rolling skull is something that is hardly forgotten! After some time of stop I got closer to this beautiful world and I have not stopped anymore! The same goes for the comics: I started reading most of the Marvel and DC comics, in particular Spider-Man and Batman while, towards the end of the elementary and middle school, Dragonball, The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and Berserk!



We have a very similar way! Difficult question: your three favorite games and comics?

My three favorite games are currently Puerto Rico, Azul and Sagrada, while for the comics I say Batman - The Long Halloween, Watchmen, and the regular series of Berserk up to the eclipse!


What motivated you to realize Let There Be Light?

Mainly by the will to develop a different theme after my initial experiment. And then because I am sure that the theme, namely the dualism light / darkness and the spatial setting, make a certain grip on the players, and it would have been a shame not to try to get something out of it.


Would you call it a complex or simple board game to play?

Let There Be Light is a game that offers many strategic possibilities and interaction, resulting new to every game. Said so it would seem to be a super complex game, in reality the gameplay is based on a very simple rule: capture with its own photons as many obscure elements as possible on the board and earn the corresponding points, so you have more opponents and win the game!


Tease right! I want to play with it!
Did you find any difficulty in designing and making your game?

Let's say there were a couple, more than anything related to the creative process that goes from the idea phase to the formalization of the gameplay. I had in mind the light, the darkness, the universe, but I did not know how to put them together in something that could be defined as fun, and it was hard enough at the beginning to find this kind of answer. Then, fortunately, the proverbial light bulb came on, and after several tests Let There Be Light had taken shape!



The light is literally lit! Tell us some anecdote or curiosities related to Let There Be Light!

I'll tell you two! The first anecdote is about the choice of space as an environment. The choice fell on the universe after one evening, while I was working on Let There Be Light, I heard on TV the acronym of The Big Bang Theory, a series that I love madness and that I always follow.
The second concerns the choice to use photons as a representation of light. During the initial research phase not knowing how to use the light in the game, I had tried different solutions, all discarded because not in line with what was the gameplay. A little 'disconsolate, I go to YouTube to watch a video that I had previously saved and, in the home, I see an interesting one on the explanation of the proposed light and space. Lighting!


The Big Bang Theory is bread for my teeth, beautiful! And how beautiful once again the light "illuminated" your creativity! What are your expectations as an author?

As a debutant author I would like to see Let There Be Light published, which I will bring to the next edition of TinG Treviglio in Gioco. In general I would like to make it a definitive work, but I realize that it is very difficult. I certainly do not want to stop here, though! I already have at least two projects in the pipeline: one on ancient Greece and another dedicated to my other great passion, videogames. For the latter, the challenge is to transpose one of the most loved old school genres of board games. We'll see what will come out of it!


Obviously we are intrepid for new projects! Thanks again Federico and thanks to all of you reading. See you soon!