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Essen - Spiel

Internationale Spieltage

In the world of table games, it is practically impossible to ignore the existence of an annual event of a global nature: the Internationale Spieltage, also known as Essen - Spiel. What is it? Well "simply" of the international Board Games fair (board games and card games), the most famous in the world and without equal also overseas.

Every year, in the last week-end of October, the German magazine SpielBox organizes a 4-day event, dedicated to table games, in Essen or a pulsating German industrial city located north of Dusseldorf and capital of culture in 2010 .

The fair is realized in 44.100 square meters of exhibition and has 180,000 admissions estimated in the last edition. The sheds dedicated to the event, are used for the presentation of games and host both small / medium publishers, both American giants such as Fantasy Flight Games and Phalanx Games.

This is mainly board games, but this year there will also be a new pavilion dedicated to TCG, RPG, miniatures and comics.

Spiel is synonymous with fun, meetings with friends from every corner of the world, gaming and testing of thousands of board games often premiered in Essen, and above all shopping unleashed of everything that we like and prefer : D

Tambù will be present in Essen for all four days, with a stand of 40 square meters, in Hall 6. At the booth will find many board games made by the fantastic authors who joined the team of Tambù Create. The games can be purchased and played with nothing more than some of the authors themselves who will be at the dedicated tables in the gaming area of ​​the stand. In addition, the event will be filmed and broadcast live on social media channels. But not just a moment of gambling, because Tambù will take advantage of the fair to announce in the first instance, the official opening of the innovative portal in which there will be a latest generation e-commerce, an area dedicated to products in phase of idea, a blog always updated on the salient issues of the sector, a rich catalog and in 2019 also a Builder of last generation to realize online and in simple way, the own game!


We hope many of you will come :)