Make your game
Make your game

How to make a Board Game?

Fifth Step



At this point it is assumed that, in case you have chosen the road publishing, the company that will follow will take care of the press and the sale of your board game. If your choice is instead on self-production, we are at the complete printing step and promotion of the product on your social channels. But where to sell it and where to "keep it"?


The copies that you have printed can be kept by you in a domestic space that you have decided to dedicate to the deposit, but obviously this applies to a few pieces. If you have made a board game with the aim of selling it and establishing yourself as the author, it is assumed that you have a large number of copies to be kept waiting for the shipment and therefore the ideal would be to own a warehouse. Alternatively, you can think of selling on an E-shop that allows you to optimize revenue / costs and is a good way to become known as an author, or through POD (Print on Demand), a system that allows you to reach a wide circle of buyers. Shipping costs may alarm you, but there are several ways to get around and also many discounts to take advantage of.



Tambù has a "Control Tower" or the company warehouse in which you can deposit your board games. Tambù also deals with the distribution of games on the national and international territory and, as previously mentioned, it is possible for you to sell your creations on e-commerce thus spreading you beyond the borders.



A very profitable, but difficult to beat road because of the conspicuous costs, is the sale at the fair of your board games. The fair is undoubtedly the best showcase you can find, where you can introduce the most important sales factor there is: to be able to bargain and speak physically. In this context it is really an essential added value because it is possible to enlarge the community right away and to be able to tell you how authors justify and contextualize your choices. It is obviously expensive to afford a space in large-scale fairs, but you can start with the smaller ones, the climb is long, but persevering is important!



Tambù participates in the most important trade fairs and brings to its booth, the games that the authors have created through the company allowing them the opportunity to have a dedicated space to explain and have their board games tested personally.



Please be advised of this: even when copies are ready and sent, your author's figure and the advertising designed to push your game (save your intention), should not be abandoned or risks decaying. It is necessary to always feed your image and make you know as much as possible and, if it is true that you are "a drop in the sea" of existing authors, it is equally true that on your side there are communication systems that some before you do not have could use, especially social channels! Facebook and Instagram are great for sponsoring yourself and your game, to make you better known as people, to interact with a well-selected community, to show the events in which you participate and to share so much with the "Friends". Twitter is great for "bombarding" users with news, to promote the game, to attract the attention of foreign users as well as play and fair organizations, "chirping" non-stop!



In short, guys, we believe we have told you everything you need to push you to walk according to what you think is the best way of production for you, so we say goodbye and thank you for having "traveled" with us!

See you soon