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Make your game

How to make a Board Game?

Fourth Step




We have previously dismissed the "Hamlet doubt" of self-production versus editore and today we try to clarify the ideas on this. I tell you right away that there is no universally right solution, but the solution that suits your individual "author's case".


Let's start by considering the way of the edition and then the option to contact a Publisher to release (in case you like) your game. You will have to send your prototype (preferably through a digitized version or alternatively by mail) to the Editor and arm yourself with patience waiting for their response. Be sure to choose the right company for you and then your game: if you have made a Board Game set during the secession wars, do not hope that a publisher that deals mainly with futuristic science fiction games is interested in your project. Make a careful and detailed research based on the relevance and the proposed economic investment. Tambù has a conspicuous "list" of associated and professional publishers that could do for you, asking for advice could help you to clarify the ideas.




Self-production means that your beta prototype and "first matrix" have been created and perfected down to the smallest detail. This is done by printing in several copies depending on your sales forecast. What is the sales forecast? It is a hypothetical estimate to be made based on expectations, objectives and market research, which will allow you to estimate how many copies to print and how much to sell them. It is therefore essential to have collected a lot of feedback, having already created a fan base that will undoubtedly buy your game and sponsor the launch.



What can you do in practice? Well first and foremost a personal print of the copies you have planned to sell and then make the sale itself online, by sponsoring on social media in the groups and in the pages dedicated to the sector and on the Board Games forums. If your budget is limited, being expensive, you can think of activating a fundraiser to fund your game on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo (attractive but insidious ways, we'll talk about a specific article coming soon!). The road of self-production is basically recommended to those with the figure of the author, wants to make it a hobby and not a profession or rather a single source of income in their lives. Tambù, first of all, advises you on the basis of the trend which way is the most suitable for you and, in the case of self-production, allows you a short-run print through the system "Print on Demand" that removes literally a zero on the final bill and then offers you a first purchase to launch and sell your game on your platform



e-commerce allowing it to be disseminated on an international level. Communication will also be supported by Tambù: through the communication area, your Board Game will be actively sponsored on social networks, events and trade fairs. "Ok, but where do I keep these copies and how do I spread it abroad if I do not even know English? And how do you ship to the rest of the world? IS…". STOP! Quiet, even here there is an answer, you just have to wait for the next and last "episode"