Make your game
Make your game

How to make a Board Game?

Third Step




Dear Friends, here we are again! I know we always leave you with some big questions, but big questions correspond to great answers, so you have to be patient, but it's definitely worth it! But no more talk, let's pick up where we left off: the beta prototype. The beta prototype, is the "pro" level of your sketch, is the preview of the final game and then this time you have to really engage with a graphic worthy of note. Obviously you can not make it at home with cardboard cutouts and colored markers, you will need many "strange individuals" to your support.


As a first step it will be essential, unless you are already a graphic designer, to contact a graphic designer and give him the alpha prototype in order to make him realize all the components, from the cards, the scoreboard, tokens to the dice, to the any miniatures. Once the graphic part is finished, most of the elements can then be printed and then physically materialized by the printer. For nuts it could be more complicated, however, and therefore we recommend to make a good selection on the internet by choosing a site ad hoc for you, in terms of quality / price, able to make the nuts for you and send them to you comfortably at home. The same discourse of the dice is repeatable for the miniatures that, however, often using resins, require huge monetary investments. It is certainly easier to design 2D minature, that is the classic two-dimensional ones supported by an X of cardboard, easily achievable with the same procedures (and the same patience) required for cards, cards and tokens.


And Tambù, how does it fit into this panorama? With Tambù you can prototype in a professional manner finding all the services you need in a single innovative and latest generation portal.


We have, regardless of the path you have chosen, the prototype made and finished in your hands. What is it done now? You head! Ready, start, away for events, play evenings, community meetings, social interactions to recruit play-meters, trade fair fairs and so on until you get enough reviews to understand if your game like it, it works and it's ready or there's still some adjustment.



As for Tambù, the team that composes it will bring your board game to the most important trade shows with the possibility to have your own space on the stand to explain and let your community experience first hand and you will also have the possibility to send the prototype to the playrooms associated with Tambù itself to make it play by the community. Your board game will be geo-localized on the interactive map of the site and in this way you can launch Game Challenge to the community that will go to the recreation center closest to them. All this will allow you to receive great feedback and make some good friends more that never hurts