Make your game
Make your game

How to make a Board Game?

Second Step





Here we are again talking about the way to go to make a board game. We had left with a question: how to realize the famous conceptual map and all the related ideas that we have "slapped in"? Well guys, trivially with paper and pen (maybe better pencil, since you'll find yourself writing and erasing again and again as if there was not a tomorrow!).


Do not be hasty and approximate, we all agree that, except for exceptions, no one is an expert graphic much less Picasso, but it is the first impression that your game will give to the community so try to commit to the best (without going crazy obviously ) and give life to your masterpiece J


The advice is to use simple materials and adopt minimal and clean graphics (do not draw the pistil of the flower that is seen in perspective in the corner of the twenty-second card of the 'eight hundredth deck), this is a prototype "new born" the so-called prototype alpha, therefore more than in beauty it must transmit the sense and dynamics of which it is constituted.


Cards of the same size to represent the cards, different colors to differentiate them, classic dice on which to paste a draft of the ideal graphic that you would like or even "undressed" just to pass the concept and communicate its use / function and so on. In short, simple and very direct drafts!


And then? Guys, needless to say that self-esteem is fundamental and that probably for yourselves already your sketched prototype is a real work of art, but unless you have created your own version of solitaire and do not intend to share it , the aim of making a board game is to play with others and then have fun, but even more to entertain! Your prototype must therefore be literally tested and the play-test of an alpha prototype can easily be done by friends, board games enthusiasts and the community of some small event or play association.


Mark everything that emerges from the tests, especially marked the critical points and difficulties! Do not get down if it is not "immediately party", it is essential and it is so, because only in this way you can really give life to something that works and that really like it.


You can send and create your own "homemade" graphics with Tambù and have them tested by the team: even alpha prototypes with approximate designs can be playable, even sometimes even better because they can be optimized in the course of work! And then who knows ... if your prototype hypothetically will succeed, it could also become an invaluable heirloom


Once you've written down everything, you'll have to improve the prototype and make the beta prototype. What's this? You already know the answer: the next episode!