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Why join our Network

Ideas, games, initiatives and workshops, this is all that the game library contains. A space where both adults and children can play and socialize.

A game library always has a large number of games available, suitable for all ages. In this way you have the possibility to try a game before deciding to buy it. 

Tambù fully supports the authors of games and comics, allowing them to create, produce and distribute their creations on the national territory and in Europe. For this reason we have decided to spread the Tambù games in our affiliated points.
If you are a Ludoteche, Game Pub / Ludo pub and play associations you can register in the appropriate tab, where it will be possible to have a personalized showcase with a cover image, logo, contacts and references, besides being able to create events and affiliate as Tambù Point .
You will say why ever sign up?
Simple, because you can take advantage of so many advantages!
What are they? Here they are below what are the advantages of joining our Network.

- Free Service which does not involve any registration, affiliation or any kind of constraints;

- Each Tambù Point present on our portal, will be geo-located in an interactive map and will enjoy different services that will make it a real point of reference;

- The authors of Tambù will be able to propose the sending of a copy of their game, which you will receive by paying only the shipping costs. Obviously, you are not obliged to receive any game if you are not interested in the product;

- In case you are interested in some games of our catalog, you are entitled to a 20% discount.

So dear friends, if you are a game center, a Game Pub / Ludo pub or a fun association, do not hesitate to join our affiliate program!