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How to register on BGG

A short guide for sign up

In this article we will link back to the previously article: BoardGameGeek. If you have lost it, recover now so you will understand what we are dealing with in particular.
Since many of you have asked us how to subscribe to the site, we want to explain and help you.
What we need is: a PC, internet and follow us step by step ... And no, we don't need scissors with a rounded tip because it's not an ArtAttack!

Well, now we are ready to start!

First of all, you must obviously go to the BGG website. From the home you will find at the top left the field where you can fill in your registration data. You will have to choose, as with every account, a username with letters and numbers and create a password.

In a second phase, after having filled in all the fields above, you must enter your e-mail address and date of birth.
Will follow the section on terms and conditions of services and privacy policy, here we must accept both boxes in order to be able to complete the registration.
To make sure that the operation is successful, click on the CAPTCHA box to verify that you are not a robot and complete the registration.
At last check your email, visualize it and click on the link to activate the profile.
Now you are ready to join the great BGG Community!