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A database created in 2000 by the Americans Scott Alden and Derk Solko.

BoardGameGeek can be considered as the most important platform for the game in the world. In fact, on this website you will find more than 101,000 table games, but not only... Because you will also find files that deal with RPG (role-playing games) and Videogames.

A great community is ready to review and comment on everything you need to know about the world of games. Users can express their judgments and earn rewards: the GeekGolds. GeekGolds are virtual coins, which are assigned to members when they provide content to the site. These "virtual coins" can be spent to get new avatars, badges to vote for the best game, buy the same games and / or accessories put up for auction.

During the year, BoardGameGeek hosts various conventions with the focus of testing and playing.

One of the most expected events for families takes place in the summer, as it will be held on a cruise. For more info about it you can visit this section of their site.

So dear friends, if you are fond of games and you are not registered yet, we suggest you to do it!