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A Weekend at Romics and PlayModena

We tell you about the fairs

Two unique experiences at the Rome and Modena fairs ended on Sunday 7 April. Our team went back to the office on Monday. In this article we will talk about the two fairs, which took place at the same time, and how our team experienced these events in parallel.

The Rome fair began a day earlier than the PlayModena and half of our staff went to the eternal city to introduce Tambù and all the projects of our authors.
The weather was not agreeing but fortunately the warmth of the people meant that those two rain days were not to be considered as such.
The Romics hosted Tambù in Hall 9, C18. According to the organizers, there were about 200,000 visitors to the fair.
Boys, families, cosplayers, YouTubers and VIPs, like William Dafoe's, participated in the twenty-fifth edition.
Our staff on Rome has dedicated itself to testing new games, but not only! In fact, he had the opportunity to let children and adults play for free.

As for the Modena experience, even here our team felt at home. The Playmodena welcomed them at stand B15. Here too the turnout has been a record one! At MOdeanPlay 2019, they lived three days in the world of table games and beyond.
Our Tambù Team experienced days full of playful activity that was appreciated by all participants; this event has especially satisfied adults and experts.

We are satisfied with these two parallel experiences, thanks also to our two united and collaborative teams despite the distance. Tambù is looking forward to the next event!