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Kickstarter Consulence Service

Trust our experts in Scoial Listening, Costumer Engagment and Brand Identity for a successful Crowdfunding campaign!
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for the creation of creative projects of various kinds and in particular a large section is dedicated to Board Games, Videogames and Comics. An aspiring creator, following registration, inserts on KS his project whose realization depends on the recruitment of the money necessary for this purpose. Often this goal is not achieved and the campaign proves to be a flop or, after the achievement of the objective, no sales results are produced, remaining without any profit. This is because a fundamental step has not happened a priori: to involve the community.

This process is often difficult in such a competitive scenario and it is for this reason that Tambù uses consulting services to promote the project and to sponsor it in an optimal way to be able to carry out a successful Crowfunding campaign.


All your graphics, components, rules and all your production will be subject to copyright. We protect you and your project by taking full care of the legal part, to guarantee you all copyright.

Express service

Ask for the Espresso Service and you will have already available from the first printing cycle a buffer of copies in stock for the immediate sale of your product as soon as a customer purchases a copy, without going into pre-order.
Moreover, from the next printing cycle, Tambù will print free copies more than the sales forecast, depending on the package chosen.

Geolocalation service

Want to make known or have your game tested on the territory but you do not know how to do? With Tambù you have the possibility to send copies of your games and prototypes to our Tambù Points, where each of them will be geolocated on the interactive map of our portal.

All games in the idea phase that will be tested by users, will receive feedback and suggestions to improve the development of the game.

Request now the print of your prototype or a copy of your game to send to our Tambù Point!

Translating service

To allow your product an international visibility and be presentable and affordable at major trade shows, a multilingual version is required.

If you can not personally take care of the translation of the texts, Tambù puts you in touch with our associate tadutors who will perform not only the translating of the contents, but also the revision of the translations already available.

The professionals who work with us are all native speakers and experts in the field, therefore able to understand regulations, gameplay and technical terminology.