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Una Startup Innovativa

Tambù is an emerging StartUp in the world of Board Games, Card Games and Comics, with the aim of simplifying and creating new tools that allow authors to express their creativity, creating high quality entertainment products.

The idea of ​​founding Tambù was born from the experience of two young boys, with a strong passion for canned games, which led them to collaborate to create a successful "Cheeky Monkeys" card game. Covering for the period of realization of the card game the shoes of authors, have been able to see the insidious difficulties and the multitude of obstacles that lie in the creation of their idea, in addition to having to face large and often unexpected costs. Hence the desire to make accessible services able to put at the center of the whole author, simplify the process of realization and trigger a change in the fragmented European market in the sector, in order to promote its internationalization. In this sense, Tambù is preparing to make an upgrade to reduce the difficulties of entering this world, achieving a real democratization of the Game World.


In concrete terms, this innovative StartUp allows the author to free himself of the accessory obstacles and concentrate only on the gameplay. In fact, Tambù allows in the first instance, a collection of impartial feedback, therefore in the absence of the author himself, through the testing of board games at industry fairs and events; provides a portal of the latest generation with a modern builder, which allows authors to quickly and easily create their own project as well as selling it nationally and internationally on e-commerce.



In addition, Tambù provides the assistance of a graphic editor, user experience, translation and proofreading of texts, the "print on demand" service able to reduce and optimize costs, and testing-reviewing by of the influencers active in the sector, the geolocation of the board games and game challenges in the associated play areas present on the interactive map of the portal.

Tambù supports the authors during the launch of their projects and in the promotion of the latter through their social channels, events and fairs. Guaranteed, in fact, is the participation of Tambù at major industry fairs such as Essen-Spiel, Lucca Comics & Games, Modena Play, Romics, TinG and many others and, in addition to this, Tambù boasts the collaboration with some leading youtuber related to the world board games and comics.


Tambù therefore aims to promote and expand the creativity of the author and encourage innovation by transmitting the importance of distinguishing himself and bringing added value to the sector and maintaining a high level of professionalism in order to guarantee services capable of generate trust and security. A StartUp that engages in this sense, but never lose sight of what pushes it and the soul from the bottom: have fun and entertain.